Module 1: NaWaTech Basics

India, home to over 1.2 billion people, is continuously growing and expanding its economics and standards of living. The rapid urbanisation, population growth, the technological and industrial boom are posing an enormous challenge to the water and sanitation situation of the country.

The flush-and-forget approach of the conventional sanitation systems does not offer a sustainable option to solve the sanitation crisis. As a consequence, only 21% of all the wastewater is ever treated, causing the contamination of 75% of all surface water across India. Innovative and unconventional technology solutions are required to improve the above situation. The NaWaTech project is one step further in this direction.

This Indo-European Project aims to explore, assess and enhance the potential of natural and compact water treatment systems in order to improve their performance and reliability in the urban Indian context. The NaWaTech concept is based on the use optimisation of the different urban water flows by treating each of these flows via a modular natural system, taking into account the different nature and degree of pollution. For more information about the NaWaTech approach, visit the section with more details here.

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