16 April 2019

Appropriate Technologies

Author/Compiled by
Leonellha Barreto Dillon (seecon international gmbh)

The following facsheets present a collection of technologies applicable at different steps of the urban water cycle, optimising its management to cope with water shortages in urban areas. Each selected appropriate technology is presented in detail, with a description of its processes, design, O&M and cost considerations, advantages and disadvantages. At the end of each factsheet the experiences on about these technologies in the world, and particularly in India are presented. During the process of planning an urban water strategy, technologies have to be viewed as part of a system composed of these 7 steps, and not as standing alone units. This holistic view will minimise consumption of water supply by recycling wastewater and storm water, reducing as well the wastewater treatment efforts.


          Appropriate Technologies
                                          Selected Technologies for NaWaTech Systems

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