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Explore different perspectives around sustainable sanitation and water management. Perspectives compile and structure the information that relate to a given focus theme, region or context.
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Financing Water Impact

Welcome to Financing Water Impact! Are you a social entrepreneur seeking financing opportunities to scale your business model?

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Water & Wastewater Treatment, Monitoring and Reuse in India

Discover practical insights and recommendations of the EU-India R&D project PAVITR for realizing nature-based and advance

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Innovating water sanitation and waste businesses
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Innovating Business Models

Find guidance and inspiration to increase the impact, competitiveness and sustainability of you water-related business through


Water & Nutrient Cycle Perspective

Find technologies and socio-economic approaches to optimise your local water management and sanitation system.


Gestión de agua y saneamiento sostenible en zonas rurales de Latinoamérica

Esta perspectiva es para profesionistas que diseñan sistemas rurales de abastecimiento de agua y saneamiento. 


Find the latest news and highlights on sustainable sanitation and water management.

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Click here to download the publication. This report examines how the investment strategies of investors and entrepreneurs have changed in recent

World Youth Parliament for water

The World Youth Parliament for Water officially launches its General Assembly, to be heldfrom March 22 to 26, entirely online.It will aim to mobilize

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Find technologies and socio-economic approaches to optimise your local water management and sanitation system.

Explore concrete tools that help you to better plan and execute sustainable water management and sanitation solutions.

Find out more about market-based approaches for safe water permitting the most vulnerable people access to safe drinking water.

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The SSWM perspectives provide curated content for a specific topic, region or context.

Find technologies and socio-economic approaches to optimize your local water management and sanitation system.
Explore the basics of print, online and broadcast journalism on water related topics.
Find all the cases, lectures, exercises and support material from the UMB course completed with planning and implementation tools.