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Lakes are surface water sources, with water levels changing depending on the seasons. Lakes usually play an important role in the supply of water for…
Last updated 13 June 2019

Land Allocation Process

Land acquisition commonly refers to the purchase of land, while land allocation means the allocation of state-owned land for a certain purpose.…
Last updated 08 June 2020


A landfill is an engineered pit, in which layers of solid waste are filled, compacted and covered for final disposal. It is lined at the bottom to…
Last updated 08 June 2019

Lava Filters

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Last updated 07 February 2018

Laws, policies and regulations

The regulatory framework of a country influences private sector activities through laws, regulations, standards and tax regimes among others- also…
Last updated 29 August 2019

Leach Field

A leach field, or drainage field, is a network of perforated pipes that are laid in underground gravel-filled trenches to dissipate the effluent from…
Last updated 28 May 2019

Leakage Control

Water leakage is an important component of water losses. Many methods for controlling leakage from urban water supply systems have emerged, but it…
Last updated 14 May 2019

Learn how to manage your finances

Financial Management is a vital task for every company and should always draw the attention of an entrepreneur. This factsheet covers three distinct…
Last updated 27 November 2019

Learning Needs Analysis

Learning needs analyses are undertaken to determine the gap between the existing skills, knowledge and abilities and those desired. Once this gap is…
Last updated 16 April 2019

Lecture 1: Source Separating Systems

Last updated 27 April 2018

Lecture 1: Surface and Groundwater Sources

Last updated 27 April 2018

Lecture 1: Water Purification in Emergencies

Work in progress...
Last updated 07 February 2018