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Last updated 27 April 2018


Last updated 27 April 2018

About the STEP Africa

Last updated 27 April 2018

About the STEP LG for USSWM

Last updated 27 April 2018

Access to Water and Sanitation – the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Last updated 16 July 2018
This background factsheet gives you an overview over the SDGs and how they are implemented, SDG number 6 in particular.

Action Plan

The recipients of business plans want to understand how the entrepreneur is planning to achieve the set objectives. Therefore, an action plan is…
Last updated 16 April 2019

Activated Sludge

An activated sludge process refers to a multi-chamber reactor unit that makes use of highly concentrated microorganisms to degrade organics and…
Last updated 03 June 2019

Adsorption (Activated Carbon)

Activated carbon filtration is a commonly used technology based on the adsorption of contaminants onto the surface of a filter. This method is…
Last updated 22 May 2019

Adult Learning Principles

Learning opportunities for adults exist in a variety of settings, ranging from a formal institution to day to day practical learning at work. It is…
Last updated 16 April 2019

Advanced Filters

Advanced point-of-use filter systems of various designs, costs and effectiveness are today readily available all over the world. While these systems…
Last updated 20 May 2019

Advanced Integrated Ponds

Advanced integrated wastewater pond systems (AIWPS), advanced integrated pond systems (AIPS) or advanced integrated ponds (AIPs) are an adaptation of…
Last updated 03 June 2019

Advanced Nutrient Recovery

Wastewater, municipal sludge or the ash after dried sludge, which is incinerated or disposed of, can be a very rich source for nutrients, in…
Last updated 10 June 2019