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Icebreakers can be very useful in trainings and can contribute to a better training outcome. On the one hand, icebreakers can be implemented to…
Last updated 01 July 2019

Identification of target community

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Last updated 13 January 2022

Identify RRR business opportunities & scanning the external environment

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Last updated 13 January 2022

Identifying and addressing challenges to scale [podcasts]

This factsheet provides you with hands-on insights and lessons learnt on how to scale safe water enterprises serving the BoP. Listen to our podcasts…
Last updated 28 August 2019

Identifying the value proposition

The value proposition represents a central element of each business model. It encompasses all parts of a product or service that generates value for…
Last updated 12 August 2019

Imhoff Tank

The Imhoff tank is a primary treatment technology for raw wastewater, designed for solid-liquid separation and digestion of the settled sludge. It…
Last updated 01 June 2019

Immediate and short-term Emergency Sanitation

Immediate responses to a sanitation crisis caused by an emergency include a wide range of solutions, highly depending on physical conditions on the…
Last updated 09 June 2019

Impact Investing

Impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial…
Last updated 07 April 2021

Impact Investment

Last updated 12 July 2021


Last updated 21 August 2018

Implementation Africa

Last updated 27 April 2018

Implementation of NaWaTech Projects

This factsheet is the second part of the 'guide to successful NaWaTech projects' that provides helpful tips and tricks for practitioners intending to…
Last updated 16 April 2019

Implementation of USSWM

Last updated 27 April 2018

Implementation Support Tools

Last updated 07 February 2018

Implementation Tools Africa

Last updated 27 April 2018