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Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), a colourless water-like liquid, is one of the most versatile, reliable and environmentally friendly oxidising agents. The…
Last updated 23 May 2019

Hack the System

The Hack the System strategy identifies problems in a value chain that jeopardise value creation and which arise as a result of bottlenecks in a…
Last updated 15 August 2021

Handouts Preparation

Some presenters treat handouts like an afterthought or even forget them altogether, justifying their action with: "They will just get trashed anyway…
Last updated 16 April 2019

Hands-on insights from safe water entrepreneurs [videos]

This background factsheet contains hands-on insights on best practices in the safe water sector - told by experts and captured on video. Click here…
Last updated 28 August 2019

Health Risk Management

Last updated 01 February 2019

Heat Recovery from Sludge

Wastewater treatment processes produce sewage sludge,which has to be discharged after an appropriate treatment. Nowadays, there are several new…
Last updated 27 May 2019

High-Rate Algal Ponds (HRAP) for domestic wastewater treatment

High-Rate Algal Ponds (HRAP) are cost-effective systems designed to enhance wastewater treatment and microalgal biomass production. In this treatment…
Last updated 17 April 2024

Horizontal Flow (HF) Wetland

Horizonal Flow (HF) wetlands are secondary treatment facilities for household, municipal or industrial wastewater, and can also be used as a tertiary…
Last updated 17 April 2024

Horizontal Flow Constructed Wetlands (HFCW)

HFCWs are secondary treatment facilities for household, municipal and industrial wastewater, and they can also be used as a tertiary treatment system…
Last updated 16 April 2019

Horizontal Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetland

A horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlandis a large gravel and sand-filled basin that is planted with wetland vegetation. As wastewater flows…
Last updated 10 June 2019

Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTS)

Lack of improved access to safe drinking water together inadequate sanitation and hygiene are the overwhelming contributors to the 1.8 million annual…
Last updated 20 May 2019

Household Water Treatment Solution Technologies and Water Kiosk Models

This background factsheet allows the reader to understand in what situations HWTS and water kiosks are long-term, productive and efficient safe water…
Last updated 28 August 2019

Household-Centred Environmental Sanitation (HCES)

The Household-Centred Environmental Sanitation (HCES) approach was conceived by the Environmental Sanitation Working Group of the Water Supply and…
Last updated 18 July 2019

How is Water Distributed?

Last updated 29 June 2019