28 August 2019

Hands-on insights from safe water entrepreneurs [videos]

hands-on insights
Author/Compiled by
Vera van der Grift (IRC); Raphael Graser (Antenna Foundation)

Executive Summary

hands-on insights for waterentrepreneurs

This background factsheet contains hands-on insights on best practices in the safe water sector - told by experts and captured on video. Click here for the complete playlist on youtube.

Safe water at the workplace (MinErgy, Nepal)

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Meet Usha Manandhar and Raj Kumar Lakhemaru talking about the importance of safe drinking water at the workplace in Nepal. Particularly how safe drinking water has been improving the health of workers in the brick kiln sector and what triggering factors can be used for convincing entrepreneurs to invest in the provision of safe drinking water for their employees. Additionally are insides provided on how MinErgy’s business model evolved and what aspects have to be considered when developing a service-driven enterprise in the water sector.



Social marketing and commercial marketing – Improving lives of people in Guinea-Conakry (Tinkisso-Antenna)

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Aboubacar Camara, CEO of Tinkisso-Antenna, talks about the need for social marketing to educate people on safe water, as well as the importance of commercial marketing for social enterprises active in the safe water sector for increasing visibility of household water treatment (HWTS) products.



Social marketing – The added value of social marketing in the safe water journey (Antenna Foundation, TARA and Spring Health)

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Urs Heierli from Antenna Foundation explains the meaning and application of social marketing and its relevance for the safe water sector. In the same video Kanika Verma from TARA describes how digital monitoring of activities can be used to improve social marketing activities and convince people drinking safe water. Kishan Nanavati talks about Spring Health’s experiences with awareness raising campaigns in schools and how pupils can be educated as agents of change.



Using microfinance to bring clean water to rural Cambodia – Insights from Hydrologic

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Rachel Pringle, CEO of the social enterprise Hydrologic shares insights on microfinance and what challenges Hydrologic had to overcome to make its in-house payment system for ceramic water filters work.



Safe water in schools (ECCA, Nepal)

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Prachet Kumar Shrestha is explaining the idea and evolvement of ECCA’s school program that incorporates the topics of safe water, hygiene and proper sanitation in Nepali schools’ curriculum to change behaviour of the country’s next generations.



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Monitoring & learning: (TARA, India)

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Kishan Nanavati, CEO of Spring Health, and Kanika Verma of TARA share insights on how monitoring of sales activities helps their social businesses to evolve in India.



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