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Facilitators Role

A facilitator is literally defined as “one who helps others to learn or who helps to make things easy.” A facilitator helps participants to…
Last updated 30 June 2019

Facts & Figures

Zambia is a land-locked Sub-Saharan African country sharing boundaries with eight countries, having a total land area of 752’612 km2 and a population…
Last updated 27 April 2018

Fast Track Interventions

Fast Track Interventions are short-term activities that aim to initiate and maintain the engagement of the community and create added value for the…
Last updated 16 June 2020

Feasibility study - SPOUTS (case study)

This case study supports and illustrates the theoretic factsheet "Feasibility Study - Understanding the why and how of your market" with practical…
Last updated 23 August 2018

Fertiliser from Sludge

There exist several new processes, which aim at recover the nutrients, mainly phosphorus from sewage sludge. ASH DEC for instance refers to N-P-K…
Last updated 27 May 2019

Fertiliser from Urine (Struvite)

Urine in the ecosystem causes eutrophication or algae blooms, which suffocates fish and kills aquatic ecosystems. Urine is so effective at helping…
Last updated 27 May 2019

Fictive SIINC example - SOIL Haiti (case study)

This fictive case study supports and illustrates the theoretic factsheet "Blended finance" with practical insights.
Last updated 23 August 2018

Field Trenches

Field trenches increase precipitation harvesting by breaking the slope of the ground and therefore reducing the velocity of water runoff. By…
Last updated 04 April 2019

Fill and Cover / Arborloo

To decommission a pit, it can simply be filled with soil and covered. Although there is no received benefit, the full pit poses no immediate health…
Last updated 28 May 2019

Finance Facilitation Services

Last updated 02 July 2023

Financial analysis - OSHO (case study)

This case study supports and illustrates the theoretic factsheet "Financial analysis: activity-based costing" with practical insights.
Last updated 23 August 2018

Financial analysis: activity-based costing

Financial analysis allows a company to overview its costs and identifies potential cost positions that could be lowered to become more effective per…
Last updated 12 August 2019

Financial Calculator

The aim of financial calculations is to gain a better understanding of water efficiency investment feasibility and profitability. Performing…
Last updated 29 June 2023

Financial Management

Financial Management is a vital task for every company and should always draw the attention of an entrepreneur. This factsheet covers three distinct…
Last updated 07 May 2019