27 April 2018

Lecture 1: Sanitation in Emergency Situation

Author/Compiled by
Bahadar Nawab (COMSAT University Abottabad, Pakistan)

So far, there is a lack of adequate implementation of humanitarian assistance after disasters due to the complexity of the situations. This lecture discusses opportunities where academia and research institutes may help to improve post-disaster interventions. Also, the strengths and weaknesses of different involved stakeholders are shown (see also stakeholder importance and influence). The implications are made apparent by lessons learnt from post-disaster interventions in Pakistan.

Further Readings

Development in Conflict

This report outlines the Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment methodology, a planning and management tool to assist development and humanitarian organisations in analysing situations of (potential) conflict and identifying strategic opportunities for conflict prevention and peace-building.

NYHEIM, D. LEONHARDT, M. GAIGALS, C. (2001): Development in Conflict. A Seven Step Tool for Planners. FEWER, International Alert & Saferworld URL [Accessed: 27.12.2012]

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