Training of Trainers


This chapter completes the STEP University, a web-based course offered by the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences (IPM) of the Norwegian University of Lifescience (UMB) together with Tribhuvan University in Nepal and COMSATS University in Abbottabad (Pakistan).

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Training of Trainers

How can trainings be planned, organised and carried out by using the SSWM Toolbox? This specific section is a module for trainers supporting them to carry out trainings and capacity development courses based on the SSWM Toolbox. It contains material about pre-training preparation, facilitation, training methods and post training activities.

SSWM Training Courses

In addition to this Toolbox, there are regular training courses that build on the SSWM Toolbox. Simultaneously to the development of the online and offline version of the Toolbox (including this STEP University), it is applied by seecon and its partnering organisations to conduct of for trainings of experts and trainers The trainings aim at capacitating people not only with knowledge, but also with application skills in the field of SSWM. They enable participants to fully exploit the benefits of the SSWM Toolbox, develop a thorough understanding of Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management, and to build a strong network of partnering organisations working in the same field. Moreover, the training of trainers courses enable the participants from all over the world to carry out SSWM Courses based on the Toolbox and others own their own.

 SEECON 2009 Field Trip Course Buthan Greenhouse

Participants of a SSWM course in Buthan visitng a greenhouse. Source: SEECON (2009)

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