SSWM University Course

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SSWM University Course

In this perspective you can find all the cases, lectures, exercises, support material, etc. from the UMB course. Moreover, this material has been completed with factsheets on planning and implementation tools for software and hardware approaches in order to support students to deepen the gained knowledge and to work on the course’ case studies as well as in their professional daily life.

Module 1: Sustainability in Relation to Water and Sanitation

Module 2: Centralised and Decentralised Systems for Water and Sanitation

Module 3: Ecological Sanitation and Natural Systems for Wastewater Treatment

Module 4: Sustainable Water Supply

Module 5: Health and Hygiene

Module 6: Disaster Situations: Planning and Preparedness

Module 7: Socio-Economic Aspects

Module 8: Water and Sanitation for Future Challenges

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