27 April 2018

Case: Tingvall Conference Centre

Author/Compiled by
Petter D. Jenssen (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)

The pond system with three serial ponds built for greywater treatment in Tingvall. Source: JENSSEN (2012)

Tingvall is an eco-conference centre that was built with support from the European Union. It is nearly self-sufficient with energy (solar, wind, wood) and is built using only eco-friendly materials. Tingvall has urine diversion single flush toilets (see also urine diversion flush toilet). The faeces are collected below the toilet for composting and a neighbouring farmer collects the urine (see also reuse of urine and faeces in agriculture). The greywater is treated in a pond system prior to discharge to a local stream (see also waste stabilisation ponds, aerated ponds, and advanced integrated ponds).

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