27 April 2018

Lecture 4: Water and Wastewater Treatment Hydraulics

Author/Compiled by
Manoj K. Pandey (Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University)

The objective of this lecture is to introduce the fundamentals of hydraulics for the simple design of water supply and sewer pipes (see also water distribution pipes). The lecture includes the analysis of pipe flow systems, head losses in pipes, flow measurement devices, small diameter gravity (see also conventional sewers and simplified and condominal sewers) and vacuum sewers.

Further Readings

F200 Projection of Flows and Hydraulics of Sewers

This chapter covers the following topics related to the design of sewers: projection of flows, hydraulics of sewers, planning and design criteria, hydraulic calculations, sewer conduits, inverted siphons, elements of sanitary sewers other than conduits.

HORII, R. S. (1992): F200 Projection of Flows and Hydraulics of Sewers. In: HORII, R. S. ; (1992): Sewer Design. Part F. Los Angeles, USA: . URL [Accessed: 20.11.2012]

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