27 April 2018

Case: Centralised Wastewater Treatment Plant "Bekkelaget"

Author/Compiled by
Petter D. Jenssen (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)


The Bekkelaget treatment plant. Source: BVAS (n.y.)

Bekkelaget, a municipal wastewater treatment plant, is the second largest in Oslo. This lecture gives an overview of the processes in Bekkelaget and will be given at the treatment plant prior to a tour of the plant. Bekkelaget is a tertiary treatment plant with both phosphorus and nitrogen removal. High quality treatment is needed because the receiving water body, the inner Oslo-fjord basin, has limited water exchange. The sludge treatment process at Bekkelaget involves anaerobic digestion. Biogas produced is used for powering vehicles (see also use of biogas at small and large scale).

Further Readings

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