27 April 2018

Case: Water Supply in Rural Eritrea

Author/Compiled by
Manfred Arlt (Norwegian Church Aid)

The presentation Deki Andu water supply is based on the working experience of Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), a civil society organisation (CSO) that was partnering with the Government of Eritrea (GoE). In this concrete case, NCA was the funding organisation whereas the GoE and the people of Deki Andu were responsible for implementation of water and sanitation projects. This presentation stands for as an example of a typical rural water supply project with decentralised supply. It is used for learning purpose of how NCA would approach rural water supply and which kind of technical and environmental challenges to solve. Learning topics presented are rights based approaches to water and sanitation (see also the right to water and sanitation), gender dimensions of water supply (see also water, sanitation and gender), community based management of water supply, and environmental and technical challenges and aspects to consider for solving these challenges.

Further Readings

Water Profile of Eritrea

An article on the water situation in Eritrea based on publications of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

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