27 April 2018

How to Use the eCompendium

A Using the System Templates is a context-specific series of technologies and services for the management of human excreta and wastewater. In this part nine system templates are described from which systems can be designed for different urban and rural contexts.
This part consists of 57 Reading the Technology Information Sheets which describe tried and tested sanitation technologies. Each of these factsheets explains how a technology functions and provides links to further resources in the web. A Technology Product Filter allows to search for technologies based on input and/or output products.
Sanitation Technologies Icon
We recommend you to first review the Terminology chapter to become familiar with the key terms used to describe sanitation systems and technologies. The following “How to Use” sections explain the functions of the eCompendium and provide guidance on how it can be used:
  • Using the System Templates describes the elements of a sanitation system and the steps for selecting appropriate sanitation options using the nine system templates.
  • Reading the Technology Information Sheets explains the structure of the technology factsheets and how to read the information provided therein.
  • Technology Product Filter gives instructions on how to apply the filter implemented in the Sanitation Technologies section. It includes examples of how it can be used to identify technologies based on input and/or output products.

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