27 April 2018

Technology Product Filter

The eCompendium features an easy-to-use technology filter which allows you to identify Sanitation Technologies with specific input and/or output products. Using the filter you can easily answer questions like:
  • Is there a technology that produces Biogas out of Brownwater?
  • What can I do with the Stored Urine from a Urine Tank?
  • Which Collection and Storage technologies accept Anal Cleansing Water as an input?
  • Which sanitation technologies are suitable for the co-management of Stormwater?
  • What can  be done with treated Effluent?
  • How can Blackwater be transported?
The technology filter is found in the Sanitation Technologies page and consists of a column to the left and one to the right of the technology overview. The column on the left side shows the list of products that can possibly go into a sanitation technology (inputs) and the one on the right side shows the products that can come out of a technology (outputs):


Each product in the list has a checkbox. By checking one or several boxes you can search for technologies with specific input and/or output products. It is important to note that the filter always searches for technologies with all inputs and outputs selected, i.e., it is an AND filter and not an OR filter. Hence, if too many boxes are checked, no results will be found.

Let’s use the filter to answer the first sample question above: is there a technology that produces Biogas out of Brownwater? In other words: is there a technology with Brownwater as input and Biogas as output? We can find it out by checking the corresponding boxes in the input and output columns and clicking the ‘Apply’ button:


The resulting technologies are now displayed. They are ordered by functional group, from User Interface to Use and/or Disposal:
The filter results show that the Biogas Reactor (used at S and T level) and the Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor (UASB) are the only technologies which fulfil the criteria. By clicking the ‘Reset’ button all checkmarks are cleared and the complete list of technologies is displayed again.

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