27 April 2018

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What can you find in the STEP RRR Business Development?

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The Specific Topic Entry Page (STEP) Business Development in Resource Recovery and Safe Reuse (“STEP RRR Business Development”) is the knowledge platform that allows RRR entrepreneurs to identify business opportunities in the water and sanitation sector (including solid waste management), to understand the technical options and the health risks implications, and to offer sustainable solutions to the growing liquid and solid waste crisis. Furthermore, it guides professionals through the process of building up a solid business model and business plan, to start-up and run a sustainable business in the water, sanitation or resource management sector.

Each module presents tools to work through the RRR entrepreneurial process, from understanding the basic implications of RRR to running a successful business.


Module 1: Training the Trainers focuses on required skills and tools for the successful preparation, facilitation and follow-up of adult training activities. It introduces key concepts, methods and instruments for training and business coaching that help in the assessment of training needs, the identification of training goals and objectives, the designing of a training agenda, the identification of suitable training methods and techniques and tools for following-up trainings.


Module 2: Sector Inputs provides background information and a good understanding of the conceptual, procedural and technological knowledge in RRR that is needed in order to be able to identify potential RRR business opportunities.


Module 3: Business Models in Resource Recovery and Safe Reuse contains a library of actual RRR business ventures and introduces generic business models in the business fields “energy”, “nutrient” and “wastewater” that are based on the business case catalogue.


Module 4: Business Development Part I - Entrepreneurial Adaptation of Generic Business Models introduces the Business Model Canvas, a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool for describing, analysing and designing business models, and other tools that help in the transformation of a generic business model into a specific RRR business model.


Module 5: Health Effects & Integrity Management focuses on tools that allow to identify, formulate and analyse potential health and integrity risks associated to a RRR Business Model and identify respective mitigation measures.


Module 6: Business Development Part II - From Business Plan to Business Management addresses issues of business plan development and the management structure of businesses. Furthermore, it provides information on how to successfully manage projects in a business environment.


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