27 April 2018

What can you find in the STEP Africa


Water and Sanitation Africa provides the users with country-specific snapshots of the WASH situation (facts & figures, socio-cultural and socio-economic aspects, policies & legal frameworks and institutional frameworks) in Sub-Saharan African countries. For the time being only information on the Republic of Zambia is available.

SSWM Business Development Africa provides the users with relevant country-specific information regarding challenges, business opportunities, etc. in SSWM, helping them to identify and evaluate business opportunities in this dynamic and challenging sector. Furthermore, it provides a link to the SSWM STEP Business Development that compiles relevant information and tools that help to bring a business idea to the market.

Planning and Process Tools Africa provides the users with useful information and tools to initiate, plan, implement and follow-up a SSWM initiative.

Implementation Tools Africa provides the users with useful information on behaviour change measures (“software”) and technologies (“hardware”).

Case Studies Africa provides the users with useful information on selected best management examples of SSWM initiatives implemented in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Contact Data Base Africa provides the users with contact data of individuals, organisations, institutions, etc. which are active in the WASH sector in Sub-Saharan Africa


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