27 April 2018

The SSWM Toolbox for Practitioners

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The SSWM Toolbox

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Why a Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management (SSWM) Toolbox?

Water resources are under increasing pressure today. This is not only due to increased consumption, but also to unsustainable and uncoordinated use. A lack of water severely hinders development. Yet globally, there is a lack of knowledge and capacity on sustainable technologies and on holistic approaches.

What is the SSWM Toolbox?

The SSWM Toolbox is to date the most comprehensive, free and open-source capacity building tool on water management and sanitation. It tackles the above-mentioned challenges in the water sector in three different ways:

  • it systematically structures, compiles and makes available existing knowledge.
  • it promotes innovative integrated and sustainable approaches that link water management, sanitation, wastewater management and agriculture.
  • It provides guidance to use the toolbox for own trainings (dissemination effects)

>> For more information, see our flyer or our FAQs or use the user manual.

What does the SSWM Toolbox contain?

The SSWM Toolbox is divided into six main sections. It contains

>> For more information, see our tutorial.

CONRADIN 2007 Urine application

Essential Information for Practitioners

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For NGOs and Community-based Organisations (CBOs):

The SSWM Toolbox was designed with NGOs and CBOs as target groups, that’s why there are a range of options how you can use the SSWM Toolbox.

  • You don’t know where to start? To understand your own problems better, and to grasp how they are related to each other, you should try out the guided exercise to analyse and prioritise your problems (“understand your system”). This will get you an idea where to start. This exercise can be done at your desk, or (more fruitfully) together with different stakeholders.
  • You know what to do but you don’t have a clue how to do it? Then, visit the large planning tools section. It will guide you from identifying your stakeholders to funding and project implementation.
  • You need to find a solution for your specific problem? In the implementation tools section, you find an array of solutions. You can either choose software approaches (e.g. school campaigns), or hardware approaches (such as different wastewater treatment options) – or you can combine the two.
  • You want to conduct a training in your community? Then see the train-the-trainers section. It is our support for you becoming trainers. The section covers the whole training process, from preparation to facilitation and evaluation.

Our tutorial movie will give you an even better overview of what you can do with the SSWM Toolbox!

For Enterprises, Engineers, and Planners:

The SSWM Toolbox will be an excellent knowledge base for enterprises, engineers and planners

  • Research tool: For you, the SSWM Toolbox will be primarily a large collection of tools and approaches. Maybe you know a little about a certain technology or approach and want to boost your knowledge? Then use the search function to find the corresponding factsheet. Maybe you also find complementary approaches (e.g. a software approach that can make your hardware solution (technology) more viable, or vice versa).
  • Further Readings: You can also find specific references, further readings etc. using our large library.
  • Glossary: Furthermore, make use of our glossary – it explains almost any term in relation to water management and sanitation!

And by the way... if you have a business idea and need start-up support, visit www.cewas.org, the international centre for water management centre based in Switzerland.

For Students:

  • Study Tool: The SSWM Toolbox is the ideal study tool for you! Either browse through the different sections with an open mind and learn on the way, or specifically use the search function to find the technology or approach you want to get to know.
  • Further Readings: You can also find specific references, further readings etc. using our large library.
  • Glossary: Furthermore, make use of our glossary – it explains almost any term in relation to water management and sanitation!
  • Training Courses: if you would like to learn how to use the SSWM Toolbox in a more contcrete way and want to expand your knowledge in a practical way, see our offers on training courses.

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