Non-food Items Minutes of Meetings

At the Azraq, during a UNHCR 2014 meeting, the year`s distribution plan was presented to the humanitarian actors group present. The plan defined that new arrivals would be provided with basic hygiene kits if they had arrived by a certain day and a second distribution day was scheduled for later arrivals. Responsibilities was set up as to which organisation was going to take care of replenishing kits and a date was set when replacements sets depending on the initial distribution date. Contingency was set up for organization to cover distributing soap and diapers for months that UNICEWF; the primary distributor could not. A date was set for providing children hygiene packages (with items such as diapers) and a date of replenishment was also set.

UNHCR (2014): Non-food Items Minutes of Meetings. July 2014. Geneva: United Nations High Commission for Refugees URL [Accessed: 28.11.2016]