Action Against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

This UNHCR strategy documents provides a structure for the UNHCR to deal with GBV using a multi-sectoral and interagency approach. It provides instructions for the UNHCR to build GBV strategies at the country level that reflect the needs of difference at risk groups and how to adapt to either stable or emergency contexts in camp, urban, or rural settings. The document details guidance on building a strategy, and six areas of actions, namely 1. protecting children, 2. addressing sexual violence as a coping mechanism for displacement, 3. engaging men and boys, 4. providing safe environment and safe access to energy and natural resources, 5. protecting LGBTI persons, and 6. Protection of persons of concern with disabilities.

UNHCR (2011): Action Against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence. An Updated Strategy. Geneva: United Nations High Commission for Refugees URL [Accessed: 04.01.2017]