VUNA Final Report

"The project described in this report had three basic objectives: • Promote the use of toilets by giving urine a value; • Produce a valuable fertiliser; • Protect the environment by reducing pollution. The project was named VUNA, which means “harvest” in the isiZulu language, but which also stands for “Valorisation of Urine Nutrients in Africa”. By bringing together science and practice, the partners aimed to develop the technologies and managements tools neces- sary for the large-scale implementation of nutrient recovery from urine in Durban and other cities facing similar sanitation challenges."

ETTER, B. et al. (2015): VUNA Final Report. Valorisation of Urine Nutrients. Promoting Sanitation & Nutrient Recovery through Urine Separation.. Dübendorf, Switzerland: Eawag URL [Accessed: 10.05.2016]