Wastewater Treatment with Vertical Flow Constructed Wetland

Water is one of the most important elements involved in the creation and development of healthy life. Haphazard disposal of untreated wastewater from households as well as institutions and industry is causing severe deterioration of water bodies in many urban areas in the developing world. There are several methods to treat the municipal wastewater for intended use. One of the methods of the treatment is constructed wetland. Constructed wetland system for wastewater treatment has been proven to be effective and sustainable alternative for conventional wastewater treatment technologies. In the present study performance of the fabricated model on which the local Amba Nala effluent characteristics like pH, DO, TS, BOD, COD with and without plant species were studied.

BORKAR, R.P. ; MAHATME, P.S. (2011): Wastewater Treatment with Vertical Flow Constructed Wetland. In: International Journal of Environmental Sciences: Volume 2 , 590-603. URL [Accessed: 04.05.2013]