Training Manual on Water Integrity

The training manual is developed to assist capacity builders in developing training and educational programmes on water integrity and how it can be promoted and worked with in more practical ways. The overall goal is to develop institutional capacities and prepare for change through increased knowledge and action on integrity, accountability and anti-corruption in any country or region. The primary objectives of the training are to provide: 1. Conceptual grounding in the area of integrity, accountability and anti-corruption in water, its drivers and impacts on water as well as on poverty reduction and sustainable development; 2. An overview of tools and methodologies to promote water integrity, transparency and accountability and their applicability in various contexts; 3. Examples of good practices relating to the promotion of integrity, transparency, accountability and anti-corruption in water.

UNDP SIWI WIN Cap-Net WATERnet (n.y): Training Manual on Water Integrity. [Accessed: 21.01.2015]