Anti-Corruption Training Manual

This Anti-Corruption Training Manual aims to help users achieve a better understanding of corruption and how to avoid it. It can be used by individuals, and also by companies as part of their corporate training. (1) Section 1 provides an overview of what constitutes corruption, who may be liable for corruption, and how it may be avoided. (2) Section 2 provides 47 detailed examples of corruption throughout the project cycle. (3) Section 3 provides some simple anti-corruption rules which individuals should follow (and which companies could impose on their employees) to try to ensure that no corruption offence is committed. (4) Section 4 provides practical advice as to what individuals and companies should do when faced with a potentially corrupt situation.

GIACC TI (2008): Anti-Corruption Training Manual. (Infraestructure, Construction and Engineering Sectors). [Accessed: 21.01.2015]