Faecal Sludge in Accra, Ghana: Problems of Urban Provision

Urban on-site sanitation services present challenges for emptying, transporting, disposing and treating faecal waste. Transfer stations can be used by household-level emptiers to safely dispose of faecal sludge, but they rarely exist. Accra's use of transfer stations has provided an opportunity to research their functioning, as part of broader faecal sludge management arrangements. The paper discusses the benefits offered by use of transfer stations, as well as reasons currently limiting their operation. The paper concludes that correct use of transfer stations can provide improvements for existing faecal sludge management and reduce indiscriminate dumping.

BOOT, N. L. ; SCOTT, R. E. (2009): Faecal Sludge in Accra, Ghana: Problems of Urban Provision. In: Water Science Technology: Volume 60 , 623-631.