Solar irrigation pumps: The Rajasthan experience

In 2012, the Rajasthan government initiated a 86% subsidy for installing irrigation pumps the run on solar energy. This was designed for selected districts with a predetermined quota. This paper examines the method of administering subsidy, the demand for pumps and administrative issues including determining eligivility of both farmers and supply firms, and the logistics of delivering these pumps.The performance of these pumps, as also the other incidental benefits to farmers are discussed in detail. The paper remarks on the use of these pumps to draw groundwater rather than water from surface ponds. It recommends that drip irrigation be made a pre-requisite for subsidy in order to minimize its impact on the already-stressed groundwater in Rajasthan.

TEWARI, N.P. (2012): Solar irrigation pumps: The Rajasthan experience. (= Water Policy Research Highlight , 35 ). Gujarat, India: IWMI-Tata Water Policy Program URL [Accessed: 15.01.2013]