How to Implement QMRA?

The goal of this text is to illustrate how Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) can be undertaken in practice utilising case studies from the MicroRisk project. It outlines the data analysis strategies and describes the simulation methods using illustrative input and output data collected on selected Catchment-to-Tap Systems (CTSs). It is proposed that for each CTS/pathogen combination a full risk analysis involve 4 stages: Baseline QMRA, sensitivity analysis, hazardous events QMRA, and the use of QMRA results in risk management.

ROSER, D. PETTERSON, S. SIGNOR, R. ASHBOLT, N. NILSSON, P. THORWALDSDOTTER, R. (2006): How to Implement QMRA?. To Estimate Baseline and Hazardous Event Risks with Management End Uses in Mind. Sydney, Australia and Lund, Sweden: European Commission URL [Accessed: 29.11.2012]