Solid Waste Management

The collection, transport, treatment, and disposal of solid wastes, particularly wastes generated in medium and large urban centres, have become a relatively difficult problem to solve for those responsible for their management. The problem is even more acute in economically developing countries, where financial, human, and other critical resources generally are scarce. This publication has been prepared primarily for two audiences: 1) decision-makers and policy makers, and 2) professionals involved in the management of solid wastes. The information in the publication would also be useful to students in environmental engineering. The material is presented such that most chapters need not be read in any particular sequence. However, if a formal class is based on the book, the chapters should be covered in sequential order.

UNEP (2005): Solid Waste Management. Nairobi: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) URL [Accessed: 10.06.2019]