Gravity-Driven Membrane Disinfection for Household Drinking Water Treatment

Ultrafiltration (UF) has been proven to be very effective in the treatment of water for the removal of particles, colloids and microorganisms. However, household application of UF is limited due to membrane fouling which results in complex and maintenance-intensive UF systems. In gravity-driven membrane disinfection (GDMD) technology, a stable membrane flux of 4-10 L.h-1m-2 is observed during ultrafiltration without any back flushing, chemical cleaning or an external energy supply for over 24 months, while operated at relatively low pressures (40-65 cm of water column). This novel approach to operate UF systems at stable flux conditions can be considered an important breakthrough in membrane technology, as it allows development of a robust, maintenance-free, low-cost and user-friendly household water treatment system, which has a great potential for implementation.

PETER-VARBANETS, M. JOHNSTON, R. MEIERHOFER, R. KAGE, F. PRONK, W. (2011): Gravity-Driven Membrane Disinfection for Household Drinking Water Treatment. Loughborough, UK: 35th WEDC International Conference URL [Accessed: 20.05.2019]