Environment And Health In Chennai, India

This paper presents an action-oriented program of research that adopts an ecosystem approach to human health in Chennai, India. Workshop participants developed a diagrammatic expression of environment and health in Chennai known as a ‘rich picture.’ Important themes in environment and health were drawn from this expression, such as: slums as locations of most vulnerable populations and objectionable conditions; surface water quality and water-borne disease (e.g., typhoid, cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery); public participation in management of environment and health problems; and malaria.

BUNCH, M.J. SURESH, V.M. WILSON, D. FINNIS, B. KUMARAN, T. V. MURTHY, R. JERRET, M.J. (2003): Environment And Health In Chennai, India. An Ecosystem Approach To Managing The Urban Environment For Human Health. (= Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Environment and Health, Chennai, India, December 15-17, 2003 ). Toronto, Canada: York University URL [Accessed: 17.07.2012]