Greywater Treatment in an Oasis Town, Béni Abbès, Béchar, Algeria

Water resources are limited in the oasis town of Béni Abbès. Efficient resource planning is complicated due the deficit of reliable data on demand, supply, and use of water. To improve the data collection, GIZ introduced an IWRM project at the oasis in order to get a sufficiently account for all demands on the available water resources. The main objective of the sanitation activities of this IWRM project is to support the elaboration of an overall strategy for the future management of all wastewater, ensuring the collection and treatment of the generated wastewater within the oasis and to maximise its reuse potential. This SuSanA case study presents only the greywater part of the wastewater concept. The greywater treatment and reuse systems used in the project were designed to collect, treat and reuse greywater coming from kitchen sinks and wash hand basins.

BRACKEN, P. (2012): Greywater Treatment in an Oasis Town, Béni Abbès, Béchar, Algeria. Case Study of Sustainable Sanitation Projects. Béni Abbès, Béchar, Algeria : Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) URL [Accessed: 10.06.2019]