The Incinerator Guidebook

This guidebook is intended to be a practical guide for selecting, purchasing, installing, operating, and maintaining small-scale incinerators in low-resource settings. Small-scale refers to incinerators with a capacity to destroy approximately 12 to 100 kilograms of waste per hour. For the duration of this document, the term incinerator will refer to small-scale incinerators. This guide was designed to help program planners address the challenges of safe management of health care waste (HCW). Every country and health setting faces different challenges to managing HCW safely. There is no one solution or technology that meets all needs. Programs must spend time to effectively plan and introduce any treatment solutions. The following information has been gathered to assist with this process.

PATH (2010): The Incinerator Guidebook. A Practical Guide for Selecting, Purchasing, Installing, Operating and Maintaining Small-Scale Incinerators in Low-Resource Settings. Seattle: PATH URL [Accessed: 19.03.2012]