Oeko-Technik-Park Hannover, Germany

This publication describes the operation and demonstration of environmentally sound technologies, reducing the consumption of water and targeting a closure of nutrient loops in a quarter of Hannover (including housings, a school, a church and industries). Environmental technology was combined with environmental education and awareness raising, particularly for the neighbourhood and the local youth. Applied technologies for the water cycle are: constructed wetlands, bio-reactors, mini wastewater treatment plant using rotating biological contactor technology for the greywater, rainwater reservoirs, urine diverting toilets, vacuum toilets, waterless urinals, and greywater evaporation beds. Further, block heat and solar power units were installed and ecological construction materials were used.

GTZ (2005): Oeko-Technik-Park Hannover, Germany. (= data sheets for ecosan projects , 7 ). Eschborn: German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) URL [Accessed: 03.06.2019]