Health, Dignity and Development: What Will it Take?

The UN Millennium Project Task Force on Water and Sanitation published this extensive report in 2005 with two main aims: First, it highlights which specific policies and resources are needed to meet the MDGs and who needs to take reasonability for ensuring they are in place. And secondly, it identifies the specific policies and resources required to meet the MDGs as part of a larger UN Millennium Project. It also pinpoints actions required in other sectors, emphasising that advances in a number of other areas strongly affect the ability of countries to meet the MDG water and sanitation target (7c) and to optimise water use.

UN MILLENNIUM PROJECT TASK FORCE ON WATER AND SANITATION (UNMP-TWS) (2005): Health, Dignity and Development: What Will it Take?. London: United Nations Development Programme URL [Accessed: 28.03.2011]