Annotated Water Integrity Scans

The Annotated Water Integrity Scan (AWIS) responds to the call made in the 2008 Global Corruption Report (GCR) for participatory and qualitative tools to analyse corruption in, and enhance the integrity of, water service development and delivery.

The AWIS is a diagnostic tool for multistakeholder workshops, and has three main objectives:

- Establish an overview of the integrity of different sub-sectors of the water sector, to highlight areas which are vulnerable to corruption.

- Identify priority areas for action to enhance water integrity.

- Increase awareness about the water integrity situation and stimulate improvement.

The AWIS will be repeated annually (or every two years) to explore whether it can be used as a monitoring tool. This manual is meant for a broad group of actors interested in exploring and improving integrity and governance in the water sector. This includes staff from government agencies, NGOs, think tanks, universities, the private sector and other organisations involved in development co-operation and the water sector. Policy makers and managers may be particularly interested in the promotion of the tool and the implications of its findings. The manual will also help potential facilitators of AWIS workshops as they prepare for their session.

VISSCHER, J.T. HERMANN-FRIEDE, J. (2011): Annotated Water Integrity Scans. A manual to help assess integrity levels in specific sub-sectors of the water sector. Berlin, Germany: Water Integrity Network and International Water and Sanitation Centre (IRC) URL [Accessed: 01.06.2020] PDF