Levels and trends of contaminants in humans of the Arctic

This paper is part of the Special Issue Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program. The Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) is tasked with monitoring the levels of contaminants present in the Arctic environment and people as well as assessing their effects on a continuous basis, and reporting these results regularly. Most of the presented data have been collected over the last 20 years and are from all eight Arctic countries. Levels of contaminants appear to be declining in some of the monitored Arctic populations, but it is not consistent across the Arctic. Most Arctic populations continue to experience elevated levels of these contaminants compared to other populations monitored globally.

GIBSON, J., ADLARD, B., OLAFSDOTTIR, K., MANNING SANDANGER, T. and OYVIND ODLAND, J.  (2016): Levels and trends of contaminants in humans of the Arctic. In: International Journal of Circumpolar Health: Volume 75 , 10. URL [Accessed: 07.06.2018] PDF