Exercise Sisimiut Greenland

This exercise is challenging you to find a sustainable solution for the wastewater handling in Sisimiut. Imagine you should plan the development of the sewage systems over a period of at least 10 years maybe 20-30 years. Maybe you will conclude that the current wastewater handling is good enough given the situation in Sisimiut or maybe you think that the wastewater handling could be optimized to yield a more sustainable system; ie: a system that has less negative impact on the environment, where you utilize or recycle some of the resources in wastewater and organic household waste and even produce vegetables in Sisimiut? Maybe you can produce energy or other useful products from the wastewater and waste resources. Remember there is no right answer, but there are many different systems and/or combination of systems that can be considered.

You should use what you know about the current wastewater handling and infrastructure as a base. With this background suggest what type of treatment is needed before discharge. Then try to outline a system or systems that can meet your requirements.

JENSSEN, P. D. Exercise Sisimiut Greenland. PDF