User's Guide on Assessing Water Governance

Sound governance is fundamental for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Establishing water governance assessment mechanisms will thus be an important aspect of any current or future development framework and can help us better recognize if countries are on the right reform track in developing their water resources and services for the greater good of society.

This guide proposes a framework that can be applied as a starting point for any water governance assessment. As a part of water governance, the guide specifies approaches for assessments around water integrity and anti-corruption in the water sector. It also describes the usefulness of other assessment methodologies and presents relevant cases of how assessments can be applied.

Jacobson, M., Meyer, F., Oia, I., Reddy, P. and Tropp, H. (2013): User's Guide on Assessing Water Governance. Oslo: UNDP the United Nations Development Programme PDF