29 June 2023

Company Data Sheet

Company Data Sheet
Author/Compiled by
Martin Wafler (cewas)

Executive Summary

The Company Data Sheet is a simple tool used when visiting a company for the first time to collect basic data and create a profile serving as a comprehensive summary of key company information. The Company Data Sheet allows the entry of general information such as the legal business/factory name, location and contacts, as well as the company’s/factory’s main business field, production capacity, previous resource efficiency projects.

The tool also allows the entry of information on specific water parameters such as water consumption, source and cost of water supply, water purification and wastewater treatment infrastructure and water-related challenges faced.

In the tool, you can also include information on investment preferences, water saving targets, etc. that can be very useful for later engagement with the company.



Factsheet Block Body

Use this fillable Microsoft Word form template to gather relevant company information. To fill out the document, mark the appropriate text box and enter the information.

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