Welcome to the offline version of the SSWM Toolbox!

The offline version of the Toolbox allows you to use the 'pocket knife for water and sanitation experts' wherever you are without needing Internet access.
The offline version is almost as complete as the online version. As the SSWM Toolbox is continuously expanded and maintained, a new offline version will be provided every month. Check back regularly on our homepage to make sure you get the latest update! However, every update will also be announced in the news section of the Toolbox main homepage.

Once you have downloaded the offline version, just double click on "start.htm" to launch the application.
Please also have a look at the user manual and the two video tutorials in order to get familiar with the ‘Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management Toolbox’ and to make your working with it more effective.


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The Offline Version is updated regularly. Last generated on 03.09.2014.

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We appreciate any feedback and comments to further improve the Toolbox. Please send an email to: sswm@seecon.ch

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