Semi-Centralised Treatments

Semi-centralized treatment and centralized treatment refers to treatment technologies that are generally appropriate for large user groups (i.e., neighbourhood to city level applications). These systems thus require either thee distribution of fresh water to the household or the conveyance of waste and wastewater from individual houses. The operation, maintenance, and energy requirements of technologies in centralised systems are generally higher than for smaller-scale technologies at the storage level. The technologies are divided into two groups: the first group is primarily for the treatment of blackwater, brownwater, greywater or effluent (e.g. biogas settlers, ABRs, WSPs, constructed wetlands), whereas the second group is mainly for the treatment of sludge (e.g. drying beds, (co-)composting, anaerobic digestion).

(Semi-) Centralised Treatment
(Semi-)Centralised Treatment
Semi-Centralized Treatment
(Semi-) Centralized Treatment
(Semi-)Centralized Treatment
Centralized Treatment
Centralised Treatment
Semi-Centralised Wastewater Treatments
(Semi-)Centralised Wastewater Treatments
(Semi-) Centralised Wastewater Treatments

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