Low-flush Toilet

A low-flush or low flow toilet is a flush toilet that uses significantly less water than a full-flush toilet. That means, they use 4 to 6 litres instead of the 8 to 20 litres. Low-flush toilets use a special design of the cistern and the siphon in order to allow the removal of faeces and excreta with less water. Most often, they also include a-dual flush system, with one flush being designed for urine only using less than half a litre for flushing. Today, there are many suppliers of different models of low-flush toilets all over the world. Low-flush toilets reduce the water consumption, however, low-flush toilet still require large amounts of fresh water and with certain models, users have to flush even twice in order to achieve the complete removal of faeces from the bowl.

Low-flow Toilet

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