EMPOWERS is a regional programme mainly funded by the European Commission's MEDA (Mediterranean Regional Programme for Local Water Management) Water Programme, working in Egypt, Jordan, West Bank and Gaza. The EMPOWERS partnership aims at improving vulnerable populations’ long-term access and rights to water. For this, it follows a participatory water planning and management process with all stakeholders. The EMPOWERS approach seeks to improve water governance at the local level (water users; communities) and at the intermediate level (decentralised water managements and service providers in districts and states). The Guideline provided by EMPOWERS constitutes a practical and logical framework of activities based on the involvement of those who use and manage water, which leads towards improved local water governance and the development and implementation of integrated water development plans for towns, districts and villages. Furthermore, the guidelines advocate collaboration through dialogue to bring about a change in a way that water management professionals and water users work with each other.

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