Wastewater irrigation in Gujarat: An exploratory study

Sewage farming, as it is called by farmers, is the use of untreated or partially treated wastewater for irrigation. This paper explores the prevalance of wastewater use and also the benefits and threats posed by this practice. Wastewater reuse conserves fresh water and nutrients, is inexpensive, and reduces pollution of water systems. The paper brings out several recommendations by farmers to increase the benefits of this system, one of which is planning STPs to maximise the amount of land that can be cultivated.

PALRECHA, A. KAPOOR, D. MALLADI, T. (2012): Wastewater irrigation in Gujarat: An exploratory study. (= Water Policy Research Highlight , 30 ). Gujarat, India: IWMI-Tata Water Policy Program URL [Accessed: 15.01.2013]