27 April 2018

Programming & Planning Frameworks

Planning and programming frameworks are the structural “backbones” of projects. They help you to plan a programme in such a way that you achieve the project/programme goals, they help you in deciding what to do when and in what way. Each of the frameworks or approaches has a different focus; be it water sanitation, hygiene or a combination of the three. Some focus more on behavioural change, such as the PHAST approach, some more on demand creation as the CTLS and others like the HECS guide people through anintegrated ten-step multi-sector and multi-actor process for planning environmental sanitation services.

Here, you will find a selection of the most important and most frequently used programming and planning frameworks in the context of water management, sanitation and hygiene. They are all complete frameworks that guide you from project start to its completion. An even more exhaustive collection is described in the publication by the WSSCC (2010).


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