Biodiesel Production from Municipal Sewage Sludges

Biodiesel production from sewage sludge poses huge challenges to overcome if commercial opportunities are to be realised. Some of these challenges are not unique to biodiesel production from waste sludge but to the biodiesel industry as a whole. They include challenges from (1) collecting the sludge, (2) optimum production of biodiesel, (3) maintaining product quality, (4) soap formation and product separation, (5) bioreactor design, (6) pharmaceutical chemicals in sludge, (7) regulatory concerns, and (8) economics of biodiesel production.

KARGBO, D.M. (2010): Biodiesel Production from Municipal Sewage Sludges. In: Energy Fuels 2010: Volume 24 , 2791–2794. URL [Accessed: 27.05.2019]