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Offering a training certificate is useful to the trainer because it allows you to leave a more lasting impression on those who you are training and it makes your course appear more legitimate. On the other hand, for those taking training, receiving a training certificate can provide you with tangible proof of your accomplishments to put into your portfolio.


A training certificate can help you to create an impression on the professional and high quality training you are providing. Offering a training certificate is important if you are teaching a class or running an educational event because it is tangible evidence that a person has completed a specific course or program – they are hence evidence of personal advancement.

Why to Offer a Training Certificate?

IEES 2007 Course Certificate

Example of a course certificate. Source: IEES

Any time you run a program or class, you can create a training certificate using the training certificate template. Not only will this give your participants something to show for their time and money, but it can also act as a marketing tool for you. If participants who attended your training display the certificate or show it to others, then other people may ask about the training. When your satisfied participant tells them what he or she learned in your course, they may decide that they want to sign up for other training too.

How to Create Good Training Certificates?

(Adapted from BROOKS 2010)

Making training completion certificates is not at all hard to do; in fact, it is quite enjoyable. Here are some tips.



See also post training activities for more information on task at the end of a training.


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